About Us

ALL REDS MALAYSIA (ARM) is actually derived from the Liverpool FC (LFC) supporters group which was established in 2003 with the name of The Mighty Reds. The idea of building up the group was to gather closest friends and move together as a team and involved all family members. This group was originally consisting of 7 persons and strongly supported by their families. We applied a system of rotation which every member will take turn as a host for every LFC game throughout the season.

In every game, we practiced potluck and enjoy the meal together during halftime and after the match. We had our difficulties along the way when few members had to move due to work demands. However, this does not affect the club entirely. At the same time, we manage to attract more LFC supporters to get involve in our group by conducting friendly badminton games, bowling, futsal and family outing; even our own family day.

We owed Steven Gerrard and the whole 2005 LFC squad a huge Thank You for winning the UEFA Champions League in Istanbul. Our members were adding up drastically after LFC lifted the trophy. By 2006, our small group already had 200 members. After operating independently for years, we were approached by several LFC groups nationwide and we agreed to move more comprehensive.

After numbers of discussions and meet ups, The Mighty Reds agreed to merge with groups from Klang Valley (VC Reds), Northern side (Reds 1892) and East Coast (Pahang LFC Supporters). We registered our group by the name of Kelab Sukan All Reds (All Reds Sport Club) with the Commisioner of Sport under the Malaysian Ministry of Youth and Sport. At the same time, we applied for the status of official supporters club from Liverpool FC for Malaysia supporters. After applying few times, finally in February 2013 we were accepted as the Official Supporters Club and since then, we were known as All Reds Malaysia (ARM)